Traveling with Children

For Infants Held by an Adult (Lap Child)

A parent, or any person 16 years of age or older, may hold an infant in their lap, provided that infant is included in the passenger reservation. Seating options for Lap Children may be limited on some flights.

For Infants in a Reserved Seat

A ticket must be purchased for infants traveling in their own seat. The purchaser must provide their own child safety seat, clearly labeled as approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to be installed according to the instructions on its label. The infant must remain in the safety seat with the harness fastened during taxi, takeoff, landing and whenever the “fasten seatbelt” sign is on. A reserved seat is required to carry on a safety seat, or a seat must be available next to you. If an unoccupied, adjoining seat is not available, the gate agent will check the safety seat to your final destination.
Seating options for infants in a reserved seat may be limited on some flights. Please visit for more information on traveling with infants or young children.

Unaccompanied Minors

An unaccompanied minor is a child between the ages of 5 and 14 years old, who is not accompanied on the same flight or compartment by a passenger at least 15 years old or older or by a parent regardless of age. Children under 5 years old will not be allowed to flight without an adult. Unaccompanied minors will only be accepted on Contour non-stop flights and must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult until the child is boarded on to the aircraft. The parent, guardian, or other responsible adult must remain at the departure gate until the aircraft has taken off from the airport. The minor child must be met at the arrival gate in the destination airport by another parent, guardian, or responsible adult. A service charge of $50 per flight segment will be assessed for unaccompanied minors on all Contour flights.

Traveling while pregnant

You are able to fly until the end of your eighth (8th) month of pregnancy. In order to travel your ninth (9th) month you will need a certificate from an obstetrician, dated within 72 hours of departure, stating your fitness for air travel on your scheduled itinerary, as well as providing the estimated date of birth.

For domestic flights under five (5) hours, you will not be permitted to travel within seven (7) days before or after your delivery date. If you need to travel within this time frame you will need a certificate from an obstetrician, dated within 72 hours of departure, stating that you are physically fit for air travel on your scheduled itinerary

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