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Philadelphia is one of the oldest municipalities in the United States and played a central role in the American Revolution and the country's founding. William Penn, an English Quaker, founded the city in 1682 to serve as capital of the Pennsylvania Colony. Through its’ proud history, importance and growth, Philadelphia became the economic and cultural center of the greater Delaware Valley along the lower Delaware and Schuylkill rivers within the Northeast megalopolis, representing a population of 7.38 million makes it the eighth largest combined statistical area in the United States. 

It should be no surprise given its’ prominent role on the growth of the United States, but Philadelphia is the home of many U.S. firsts, including the nation's first library (1731), hospital (1751), medical school (1765), national capital (1774), university (by some accounts) (1779), stock exchange (1790), zoo (1874), and business school (1881). Philadelphia contains 67 National Historic Landmarks and the World Heritage Site of Independence Hall. 

There are an amazing number of museums and walks to visit to learn and enjoy the city. You can walk in the footsteps of America's founding fathers on this walking tour of Philadelphia's Old City. Visit important landmarks such as Christ Church, the Ben Franklin Post Office, Carpenters' Hall, and Independence Hall as your guide narrates local history. 

You cannot visit Philadelphia without taking in the food! What makes up Philly’s diverse dining scene? Street food, 300-plus bring-your-own-bottle (BYOB) restaurants, sidewalk seating reminiscent of European cities, bars with great food, craft pizza spots, vegetarian and vegan eateries (that aren’t just for vegetarians and vegans) and the storied Reading Terminal Market and Italian Market. And of course, almost everyone tries the “Philly Cheesesteak!” 

Finally one of those don’t miss things to do is the Philly Ghost Tours. They offer a remorseless look at Philadelphia’s hidden past, and insights into the very real and shocking hauntings experienced on a regular basis in one of the oldest residential areas in America. 

Come visit Philadelphia with us, Fly Contour. 


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