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The City of Ogdensburg is located in St. Lawrence County at the upper left corner of New York State along the beautiful St. Lawrence River. It was founded in 1749 by French Jesuit missionary Abbe Francois Picquet to convert Native Americans (on land claimed by the Oswegatchie and Mohawk Indians) to Christianity and turn them against the British. The final battle of the French & Indian War which handed control of North America to Great Britain was fought here. Ogdensburg, a port city on the St. Lawrence River, is home to Frederic Remington Art Museum that focuses on the life and works of the great American Western artist, Frederic Remington. Ogdensburg was named for Colonel Samuel Ogden, who was a patriot during the Revolutionary War. Frederic Remington Museum 

An interesting and important event that occurred in Ogdensburg was the signing of the “The Ogdensburg Agreement,”  an agreement concluded between Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Heuvelton near OgdensburgNew York on August 17, 1940.[1] It outlined a permanent plan for mutual defense overseas between the United States and Canada and established the Permanent Joint Board of Defense. An interesting footnote: To this day, The Ogdensburg Agreement stands paramount in all background military operations between the United States and Canada. The DEW-Line (Canadian slang -- Distant Early Warning Line of radars) has been dismantled due to Satellite Improvement Technology and now relies on innovation driven by the Internet.  

In 2014 & 2015, the age-old tradition of honoring and capturing local heritage, historical events, agricultural character, and beauty came to St. Lawrence County with the first barn quilt trail in Hammond, New York. Currently, barn quilts hang in several towns with two barn quilt trails running through the county that Ogdensburg is located. Come see and follow the Hammond's Barn Quilt Trail and Colton's Barn Quilt Trail. 

Ice fishing is another draw to the city, as it is a popular sport in the winter.  This is serious fun for the adventurous fishing enthusiast. 

Come fly with Contour and visit Ogdensburg!

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